Fences Make Good Neighbors #2: The Harshest Terms

I’d like to thank everyone who responded to my last essay and offered their own thoughts and considerations on reasonable limits for MAPs. The general consensus from those comments was that restricting unsupervised time with children was the best course of action. As I noted in the comments, I tend to agree with that sentiment and make it a general rule for how I interact with minors.

While I agreed with the suggestion that was offered, I was also surprised. I know for a fact that far more options are on the table where MAPs are concerned because in the past five months I’ve experienced a wide range of reactions. Many of those are helpful. Some of them are not. So, I’m going to spend the next couple of essays exploring some of the different fences that I’ve seen erected because of my status as a MAP and analyze their impact on my life and how they’d affect MAPs in general.

For this essay, I’m going to start with what is by far the strictest rule I’ve encountered: no interaction with children whatsoever. By this stipulation, I have no contact wi