Fences Make Good Neighbors #3: The Long Arm of the Law

The holiday season is chaotic even under normal circumstances. When a pair of DPS special agents show up on the doorstep the Friday before Christmas, though, the seasonal stress gets elevated to an entirely new level.

On Friday the 21st of December, Janelle and I were relaxing at home when a knock on the door surprised us. She and I exchanged curious glances—we weren’t expecting anyone. Pulling open my front door, I was greeted by two strangers who introduced themselves as special agents of the Texas Department of Public Safety. With little preamble, they explained that they were following up on anonymous tip: someone reported that I was a threat to children. I gave a knowing nod and—without thinking—quipped, “I’ve been expecting you.”

It might not have been the smartest thing to say, but the truth is that I HAD been expecting them. When I chose to come out as a minor-attracted person (MAP), I knew that not everyone would understand what I was trying to do. When it comes to children, the line between attraction and action is so blurred that most people don’t even understand that there is a difference between a person who is attracted to children and one who takes advantage of them.