Fences Make Good Neighbors #1: Freedom and Control

It’s been a while since my last essay on my life as a minor-attracted person, or MAP. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please see my series titled “Beyond Pride” on my Facebook page, or at my website: wileyhaydon.com/blog.) I’ve spent the intervening time doing research and reaching out to people who I think might be able to assist me in my journey as I strive to bring MAPs’ situation to the public eye. I’ve found a number of frustrating walls in my path, but I’ve also made some real progress, too.

Over the course of these journeys, one question that keeps coming up is whether or not I am a danger to the children around me. I don’t see myself as a threat, but I can understand how others could reach that assumption based on my attractions. This complicates the matter as ensuring the safety of children is going to come into conflict with my freedom.

This leads to some difficult questions. After all, I’ve never committed any crime or harmed any child. Any actions taken to constrain me are based on discriminatory views of minor-attracted people. The assumption is that since some MAPs have harmed kids, I may do so as well.