The Fear of God #3: A Safe Place

In my previous essay I looked at the responses I’ve received at a couple of churches and my sadness at being asked to leave them. Though I’m hurt by these decisions I can see what prompts them. After all, bringing in minor-attracted people (MAPs) does raise some legitimate concerns about the safety and security of other church members.

So, let me start by saying that I agree: it is paramount in any group that the children be protected. This is a natural reaction to danger, and it helps illuminate the motivations behind people’s responses to non-offending MAPs. It also highlights a conflict of interest within the church itself: can we sufficiently protect our children while we also provide a place for MAPs among us?

Though it might be controversial, I have to answer yes. Understand that this view isn’t based on some hopeful ideal. Instead, I am convinced that it is already happening.