The Fear of God #2: A Gap Too Wide

As I prepped for coming out in June I made a point of telling those closest to me what I had planned. Most of these people had known of my journey for years, but I needed to let them know that I was going public. I gave everyone this head’s up because I knew that some people might not want to be associated with me given the stigma of what I wrestle with.

Indeed, several people I know chose to break all public connections. These were primarily people who work with children and feared that their own livelihoods and reputations could be put at risk by my confessions. I was saddened by these decisions, but I understood them. As I pointed out in my previous essay, it took years for me to overcome my own fears, and that was for a decision that I was making for myself. It is much scarier when someone is making that decision for you.

What has hurt me, though, is being asked to leave two churches in the past month.

The first of those