Beyond Pride #6: By This Shall All Know

As I prepared to come out publicly, I told more than a dozen of my closest friends and family of my plans. I wanted them to be prepared for any potential backlash. I also wanted to help them understand what would drive me to an admission that includes a real possibility of negative consequences for Janelle and me. I received lots of support, promise of prayers, and plenty of helpful advice.

However, I was also asked what I hoped to accomplish with these essays. I noted that my primary goal was simply to get people talking about that which has largely been unspeakable. There is a power in words, and my hope was that simply giving breath to my struggles would be enough to plant seeds of change. I still have that hope, but that is hardly the extent of my plans.

One of my longer-term goals is finding ways to support the MAP community. Those struggling with these attractions need safe places to go and get help. While there are, technically, resources out there, there’s no guarantee that they can be found by those seeking, and some of them are still run anonymously by other MAPs. The unmistakable aura of fear is still very much a part of their lives; to admit their struggle is tantamount to death.