You Are What You Want #2

You Are What You Want #2:

When Goodness Meets Goodhart

Welcome to the second post in my series on sin and desire. I’d planned for this entry to start my discussion of gluttony, but I hit a snag. It’s the good kind of snag (the kind that expands my understanding) but it left me unprepared to tackle gluttony this week. Instead, I figured I’d share what I’ve learned.

I’ve been planning this series in my head for several months now. At the outset my goal was to create rules that would help me avoid specific sins and become a better person. I understand that not everyone likes rules, but I’ve always been the type that prefers having my boundaries defined. Thus, my plan was to research the seven deadly sins, break down what they mean in today’s world, get feedback from my readers, and eventually create a list with entries such as: “More than X calories per week is too much.”